The All Pro Polo League (APPL) was born in Argentina in 2015, and the concept was presented in the Charity Cup Final at Domaine de Chantilly Polo Club last June. The match, reserved for professional players, enforced simplified rules that clarified the game for those on and off the field. The format has now been adopted by the French Federation of Polo, to be used in the first All Pro Polo League tournament in France, due to be played May 15.

The APPL was first presented in France by Argentine Founder Javier Tanoira, in an exhibition that brought together Argentine and French polo professionals. The core concept of the league is to present a new model of polo, one that promotes a faster, more dynamic style of play. The APPL also presents a simpler form of polo, which can be understood by umpires, players, and spectators alike, as was successfully shown last August during an exhibition match in Deauville.

The APPL has gained the support of the best high goal players in the world. The FFP has therefore decided, as of this year, to apply the model to as many events as possible, inviting the best local players to form part of this movement. Happily, we are able to put together four 15-goal teams to play with these rule – that’s the same level of polo as is seen in the French Open!

This interesting concept is being launched in France by the Domaine de Chantilly Polo Club, an establishment at the forefront of polo innovation. Several other APPL France tournaments will be played throughout the French season.

– Team 1: Brieuc Rigaux (6), Adrien Le Gallo (3), Jérome Anier (3), Benoit Perrier (2)
– Team 2: Pierre Henri Ngoumou (6), Mathieu Delfosse (4), Julien Reynes (3), Jules Legoubin (2)
– Team 3: Robert Strom (5), Edouard Pan (4), Louis Jarrige (3), Clément Gosset (3)
– Team 4: Patrick Paillol (5), Clément Delfosse (5), Gaetan Gosset (3), Laurent Doumergue (2)

– Substitutes : Clément Toussaint (2) & Stan Clavel (2)