The third edition of the All Pro Polo League (APPL) USA tournament kicked off yesterday at Santa Clara Polo Club, in Wellington, Florida, with two qualifying matches.

Young, up-and-coming American players took to the field to play full speed polo, while 10-goal superstars Facundo Pieres, Sapo Caset, Gonzalito Pieres, and Hilario Ulloa watched closely. The top twelve local players, as chosen by the four high goalers and APPL directors, will continue on in the tournament, playing alongside these polo legends in Friday’s finals.

“The new APPL rules are fun to play, as the games turn out very open and fast,” shared Tommy Collingwood, who played the second match of the day. “Everybody is well mounted, and nobody is turning the ball or taking their time. Every player is hitting the ball straight away, and you have to be in a position to stop the opponent. I find it to be a lot of fun, and very competitive. I particularly like the rule that if you get fouled, you get a spot hit, and an open field to the goal. It’s an interesting rule and it makes you think twice about fouling the other player. I would use that rule in traditional polo, for sure.”

“I am very happy with how things turned out today,” said APPL Founder Javier Tanoira. “The American players appear to be very motivated, as do the 10-goalers who support this project, who came out and watched every game. This is a new format, and we had to adapt to external circumstances: there is a lot of polo on at the moment, it hasn’t rained much this season, and we struggled to find fields to play on. But I am pleased and encouraged by everyone’s attitude towards the project, from the American’s who played, to the USPA who help us out and is now a part of this all. I have high expectations for Friday’s finals. There will be four teams; of the sixteen American’s who competed, twelve will play alongside the 10-goalers.”

APPL USA concludes on Friday, March 23, 2018, with matches from 2pm onwards at Outback.

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Ph: David Lominska