The All Pro Polo League (APPL), founded by Javier Tanoira in 2015, is set to host its third tournament on US soil. The competition, which spans two days (March 20 and 23), invites up-and-coming local players take to the field alongside several 10-goal icons.

The tournament format, which will not follow a traditional set up, reflects Tanoira’s belief that polo can only flourish if young players are granted time with Argentine 10 goalers in the context of the APPL, where new rules have been established to improve the speed and rhythm of the game. On that basis, this APPL tournament will focus on giving young Americans precious time with the leaders of the sport.

Tuesday, March 20, will see the best young American players battle it out amongst themselves in a qualification stage at Santa Clara Polo Club, while 10-goalers Facundo, Gonzalo, and Nicolás Pieres, Sapo Caset and Hilario Ulloa, watch attentively from the sidelines. These top players will then select the Americans they deem best, and each will put together their teams. Then on Friday, March 23, the most promising young Americans will play with and against the best in the world.

“We believe that Argentina’s dominance is a barrier to the development of the sport, and it is time that we, as Argentines, do something about it,” says Tanoira. “That is why we have structured the tournament in this way. The only way a polo player of any level can improve is by playing with and against the best players in the world, at a level superior to the one they are used to. That is how Argentine players grow—there is no secret to it, they are not superhuman. But neither American, English, French nor Spanish players have that possibility on a recurring basis.”

However, the All Pro Polo League is working hard to break the cycle. “The APPL can incite change,” insists Tanoira. “We think this tournament is a fantastic opportunity to start a scholarship fund, so as to help American players travel to Argentina in the high goal season. We are trying to make that a reality, with the support of the USPA and the Argentine 10 goalers.”

APPL USA 2018 kicks off on Tuesday, March 20, at Santa Clara Polo Club, in Wellington, Florida, with two qualifying matches, from 1pm onwards.

The tournament concludes on Friday, March 23, at Outback, Palm Beach.

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Ph: Pololine