Pro-Am Concept

A PRO-AM division has been developed so as to give patrons the chance of playing with new APPL rules. Our PRO-AM league promotes fast, open polo and encourages team play, giving patrons the opportunity of becoming more involved in the game of polo.

Our PRO-AM league differs from traditional polo tournaments due to the principals of respect and camaraderie it enforces and the fluid style of play it stimulates. Patrons will no longer be considered secondary players; they will take on a fundamental role both on and off the field.

The one horse rule stated by the APPL will be upheld in the PRO-AM division. Patrons will be able to play high-goal polo tournaments with only six horses (one horse per chukker). The excess now associated with polo will be eliminated, and therefore so will the costs. Our PRO-AM tournaments are a unique invitation: Come and experience real polo.

PRO-AM tournaments will be developed on par with APPL fixtures, with tournaments in the US, England, Spain, Dubai and Argentina.