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The All Pro Polo League is an association formed with the aim of organising wholly professional polo tournaments around the world. The league works with a new set of rules in order to encourage fast, open polo. A ProAm division has also been established to give patrons the chance of growing within the sport without the economic strain that has become common place in polo.

The All Pro Polo League (APPL) stems from Javier Tanoira’s ambition to take polo back to the glory days. His aim is simple: to encourage dynamic, open polo and motivate a professional attitude towards the sport.

The APPL hopes to make polo a simpler, more enjoyable spectator sport by enhancing the qualities that make the game so thrilling. A new set of rules has been put in place to simplify the game, not only for spectators, but for players and umpires as well. The league fosters principals of respect and camaraderie, while allowing the game to grow in speed and skill.

Young up-and-coming polo players are invited to form part of the only professional league of its kind — the All Pro Polo League is formed exclusively of full-time professional polo players. Sponsors are invited to join the league by supporting a team or tournament. As polo becomes increasingly competitive and exclusive, the APPL presents a unique opportunity for brands to form an authentic relationship within the world of polo.

A separate ProAm League has also been formed to give patrons the chance of playing with the new set of rules. This league allows amateur players to get more involved on the field. With only one horse permitted per chukker, the APPL and Pro-Am league give patrons and players the occasion of competing without the obligatory economic strain now synonymous with traditional high-goal polo tournaments.

The support of the Argentine Association of Polo (AAP), the Federation of International Polo (FIP), the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) and the United States Polo Association (USPA) allow the APPL to grow internationally, hosting tournaments in Argentina, the US, England, Spain, and Dubai, with the goal of creating a Polo World Tour.

This league stands out from traditional polo tournaments thanks to its innovative approach to the game; free from speculation and economic exclusivity, the APPL aims to rebuild the purity of polo on foundations of professionalism.

Fast, open, simple.

Welcome to the future of polo.



Javier Tanoira

Founder and Director

Javier Tanoira is a former 7-goal player from Argentina. Having been involved in professional polo for more than 20 years, he now focuses on family life, poetry-writing and filmmaking - all while striving to improve the quality of the sport of polo. His 2009 essay, A Reflection on Argentine Polo, was instrumental in establishing new and improved rules.
Justo del carril

Justo del Carril


Justo Del Carril is a professional polo player and a teacher. He has spent the last fifteen years predominantly travelling to Dubai to develop the UAE polo season that is now so distinguished. In 2003 he wrote ‘Essential Tips-POLO’, a polo guide book. A keen coach, Justo works alongside beginners and young professionals; he co-founded the APPL with the hope of improving the game of polo.

Marcos Aldao

Umpiring Director

Marcos Aldao is a former 5-goal polo player and successful entrepreneur. Current President of Ascochinga Polo Club in Cordoba, Marcos is also President of the Umpiring Committee of the Argentine Polo Association and their representative for the next world rule unification. He has teamed up with Javier Tanoira in order to develop rules which will simplify the game of polo. He lives in Buenos Aires and has three kids, Marcos, Mora, and Fermin.

Carolina Beresford


Carolina Beresford has a rich family history of polo and relishes her part-Irish, part-Chilean nationality. She has travelled the globe watching her father, uncles and brothers play. After graduating from Bristol University with First Class Honours in History of Art, the multi-linguist moved to Argentina, where she now lives and works.

Vita Ariztegui

Social Media

Vita is a woman of many skills: Actress, clown, producer, playwright, community manager, language teacher, polyglot and amateur photographer. A polo fan since 2002, Vita enjoys working closely with young, talented players and hopes to share her passion for the sport of polo in a simple, straightforward and entertaining way.

Alejo Yael


Alejo Yael is a filmmaker, hardware developer and entrepreneur who thrives on challenges. Futurist and big time animal lover, Alejo is a multi-disciplinarian who enjoys working in a team.

Junior Botting

Statistics manager

Alejandro Botting is a sports fan who especially enjoys football and polo. He currently studies Business Administration at Salvador University in Pilar, Argentina.

Laura Vera


Laura is a Marketing and Sport Business Manager, graduate at IESE Business School, with more than 15 years experience worldwide. As polo lover, she moved to Sotogrande (Spain), where she now lives and work as entrepreneur. Looking always for new challenges and getting on very well in changing environments. Creative and disruptive thinker.